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Gestalt methods are used to
deepen the exploration of your
artwork, sandplay or dream image

Using role-play exercises you will
 discover the meaning and messages
 in each aspect of your work.  

Acknowledging and understanding
your fears  takes away their

power over you.

Re-owning your positive qualities
leads to increased self-esteem,
a sense of balance and wholeness.

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"Heaven and Hell", painted by a 28-year old man, depicts
 positive and negative aspects of himself.

He discovered that each flower symbolised a positive quality
 in himself with which he had not previously identified.

Acknowledging these strengths enabled him to accept and
deal with his "dark side", depicted in red and black.

He used the Yin-Yang symbol to integrate "Good" and
"Bad", separated by the "River of Life".

For him, this was a powerful symbol of Wholeness.