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Mindfulness originated in Eastern spiritual traditions but is used today as
a coping skill, a meditation practice and a way of life. 
Mindfulness means focused awareness on what is going on inside you and around you.
Worrying about the past or being afraid of the future causes pain and grief.
Paying attention to your present experience, whatever it is, difficult or pleasant,
creates an inner space where feelings of relaxation and peace can unfold.


Mindfulness is not about “fixing”  things, but about non-judgmental
observation and acceptance of  your breathing, body sensations,
thoughts and feelings. 
Holding your awareness in this way
allows problems to dissolve away naturally

Art Therapy and Mindfulness
Thoughts and feelings that emerge in mindfulness practices can
be explored in art work.
A place of stillness, silence and relaxation
is a good starting point
for creative expression.


ACT - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy 

ACT is a form of behavior therapy based on mindfulness and values. 
ACT teaches you skills for accepting and dealing with painful
thoughts and feelings.
It  helps you to clarify your values and take action to improve your life.

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