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What Is Art Therapy?
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Art Therapy uses art media to express and  communicate
feelings and thoughts that are hard to put into words.
It is effective for people of all cultural  backgrounds

The art work acts as a mirror in which you can:

  • see yourself more clearly
  • understand and appreciate yourself more fully
  • release painful  emotions
  • resolve conflicts

Art Therapy can be used for:

  • personal growthrelationships, anxiety, depression,
  • grief and loss, anger management, difficulties with body image,
  • for survivors of trauma e.g. childhood difficulties or abuse,
  • victims of crime, physical illness, accidents or war. 
Blocked energy is released
positive new feelings for oneself and for others emerge. 

 Creative energy can be channelled  
into more satisfying ways of living

Learn more about Art Therapy: (Art Therapy Changes Lives) (British Association Of Art Therapists)

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Fearsome monsters

A 34-yr old woman expressed her fears
as childhood monsters threatening to
overwhelm the vulnerable inner child 

Inner strengths

Art Therapy helped her to face and
elease these fears and discover 
inner strengths for growth and healing